Jean-Luc Pasquet Lot 92 Aficionados x Fine Drams 61,4%

61,4% and 27yo P.C. Why not!
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Jean-Luc Pasquet P.C Lot 92 Aficionados x Fine Drams 61,4%

Cask Strength P.C

Selected in 2019 in JLP cellars by the Aficionados group, this cognac is a 27yo Petite Champagne, bottled at cask strength (61,4%!) without any additive or chill filtration. Let’s go! 

Colour: Old gold, orange lights. Irregular heavy tears.

Nose: Young tinned fruits and warm spiced notes at first. A little of honeyed notes. Nice nose but the ABV seems rather too high in my humble opinion. Hints of apricot and fresh vine peach in the background. A tad of candied citruses too.

Palate: Oily texture. Immediate fruity notes on tangerine jam and tinned pears. But the ABV seems too high again. With two drops of water, you find great fruitiness on apricot jam, but you also get oaky shades, mainly on linseed oil and sawdust.

Last Notes: You get a very rum-like profile now. Exotic banana scents remind me of some Worthy Park. Hints of floral notes on chamomile and jasmine. It remains quite imprecise and I suspect the volcanic ABV to be involved in that matter. Back on the palate, you find a bit of fresh cherry aromas. A bit chalky in the aftertaste.

High ABV and cognac in the same recipe can’t be 100% safe. This brandy requires an actual sense of finesse, as it shows its whole complexity with shades. In my humble opinion, this young P.C could have been much more interesting with a reduction under 58%. But you can feel a true potential with this « young » cognac, that’s why it’s very frustrating.

My very subjective note: 85+/100

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Thanks Loris! 

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