Pasquet Borderies 90's

JLP Borderies 90s Cuvee Lou 50,9%

JLP and Borderies? Yes, you read that right.
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Jean-Luc Pasquet Borderies 90s Cuvee Lou 50,9%

Blossoming Borderies?

And here is the first Borderies in JLP range. It’s a micro-cuvee bottled for Cave Gargantua, a nice Parisian wine shop (with a great spirits range if you’re a kind of geek like me). This cognac is a blend of various vintages from the 90s and has been bottled at 50,9%, or what a rum maniac would call a standard ABV. Let’s dive into the Borderies.

Colour: Amber, orange lights. Irregular heavy tears.

Nose: Full of candied citruses and honeyed notes at first. Light floral notes on chamomile. Vivid nose with melted young citrus notes (yuzu, green lemon) and fresh nutty scents, especially on pistachio. Quite a discrete nose, but you can presume something elegant in coming.

Palate: Dry texture. Fresh citruses note on blood orange and tangerine juice. Hints of acidulous violet syrup notes in the background. Bright and dry profile, as you get a few malted notes. Tinned peaches notes in the aftertaste. Not the most demonstrative palate but a well-balanced profile with a great mouth length.

Last Notes: You get unprecedented spiced shades with air, a subtle mix of bourbon vanilla and cumin. And some nice funky fruity notes. Fresh banana and tinned apricots scents. Dry heather notes, typical dry floridness from the Borderies if you ask me. Nice nutty notes again. Back on the palate, you find back candied citruses aromas. Fresh honeyed tones in the aftertaste.

Solid 90s Borderies! It’s not the most expressive cognac ever, but a very elegant one for sure. I only miss a bit of depth to go higher than 89. Nice pick Anael (and cheers to Lou!). 

My very subjective note: 88+/100

JLP (brand new) website

Thanks a lot Loris! 

Pasquet Borderies 90's
Credits: Anael Masson
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