JLP GOTA Lot 78-72

Jean-Luc Pasquet GOTA Lot 68-72 66,6%

66,6%. So even cognac may have sympathy for the devil?

JLP GOTA Lot 68-72 F.B 66,6%

Heavy Fins Bois 

A 50yo Fins Bois bottled at 66,6%. That’s why IBs are more than welcome in the cognac game. How can you get bored with this kind of UFO? Well, let’s see what this new GOTA bottling tastes like. 

Colour: Amber, orange lights. Regular heavy tears. 

Nose: Like the Kirsch Import version, it requires a good amount of time in the glass to fully reveal itself. It’s the same fruity DNA, but I find it a bit spicier, especially on paprika scents. Huge freshness in the background. Funky notes of vanilla and banana sweets. 

Palate: Oily texture with a light dry aftertaste. Far more convincing than the nose. Still this funky side on banana aromas that reminds me a lot of Transcontinental Jamaica 2013. Two drops of water give more gentle aromas, quite as buttery as Les Grands Alambics bottling. 

Last Notes: It gets some coconut powder scents with more air. Great high-ester rum tones. A tad of sunny shades on overripe melon followed by intense briny notes (green olives) makes it closer to the Kirsch Import version than the Les Grands Alambics version. Full of heady blood-orange scents too. Back on the palate, you find a nice mix of melon, pinesap, and eucalyptus. Nice freshness in the aftertaste. 

Not my favorite one of these 68-72 variations, and maybe a light reduction could help this funky Fins Bois to express its whole originality. 

My very subjective note: 88+/100

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JLP GOTA Lot 78-72
Credits : Grapeoftheheart.com
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