JLP l'organic folle blanche L.X 48,4% tasting notes hors d'âge

Jean-Luc Pasquet L’Organic Folle Blanche L.X. 48,4%

Tired of Ugni Blanc hegemony? Here is an act of resistance: the JLP L’Organic Folle Blanche L.X!
JLP l'organic folle blanche L.X 48,4% tasting notes hors d'âge 2


A Folle On The Hill 

Another Folle Blanche on Hors d’Age. On the heights of Eraville, the Pasquets, their vines, their cellars, and their organic range. Maybe some of you have already tasted one (04, 07, or 10). Each of these cognacs is efficient and makes sense. And now, here is a brand new one. Organic. Folle Blanche. 10yo. Probably not the easiest challenge, so let’s find out how does it taste! 

Colour: Vermeil, green lights. Regular heavy tears. 

Nose: Great musk and menthol notes at first. Cardamom and freshly cut basil underline this vivid freshness. It’s slightly fruited on mirabelles but the freshness and the spiciness have the best part. This is a warm spiciness by the way, especially on caraway and ras-el-hanout. Few acidulous candy notes on mint and licorice. Maybe a tad of tinned peaches too. Hints of honeyed pears combined with a gentle wind of herbal freshness.

PalateFresh and spicy, as an echo to the nose. Still on warm notes. Silky texture that sticks to the whole palate. Acacia honey, the one you find in the throat lozenges. Nice twist between plums and mirabelles. Rich final notes on cereal and herbal aromas carried by the generous ABV (48,4%). 

Last Notes: With more air, we find back some fresh and honeyed tones, somewhere between the heart of a beehive and the bark of a pine. Something that you also get on the palate. Few notes of dried figs too. Still a very warm and elegant spiciness on nutmeg and caraway. We clearly feel that the 10 sleepy years in cask rounded this Folle Blanche. Heavy notes of raisins et almond pear. Tinned plums too. Well, a nice Grande Champagne on its way to other decades (curious as heck to taste a 20/30yo version of this one. See you in 2031!). It ends on great violet blossom aromas.

Pleasant ABV (it could even be a little lower in my humble opinion), a great combination of spiciness and freshness, well balanced. That’s a top-class organic Folle Blanche from Eraville’s gang. A tad above the Grosperrin 2003, another great G.C Folle Blanche. 

My very subjective note: 87+/100

More info about this JLP l’Organic Folle Blanche on Cognac-expert 

JLP l'organic folle blanche L.X 48,4% tasting notes hors d'âge 2

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