Jules Gautret VSOP 40% tasting notes

Jules Gautret VSOP 40%

One of the stars in the French supermarkets : the Jules Gautret VSOP
Jules Gautret VSOP 40% tasting notes 2



Assemblage of Grande and Petite Champagne. 100% Ugni Blanc. 4yo. Well, what could possibly go wrong ? 

Colour : Brown, orange lights.  4 year old you said ? Irregular medium tears. 

Nose : At first very acidic. Not very welcoming. Fresh lemon juice. A great sugariness on tinned pears/ pear syrup. Orange peel, dry prunes. Brown sugar. Pear jam. Sawdust. Freshly cut wood. Well, maybe the palate is more convincing. 

Palate : Sweet texture. Fresh lemon juice again. An unpleasant bitterness. It’s a bit watery. I’m not here to play Sherlock’s role, but I’d bet on a very abrupt water reduction. Still sugary on industrial tinned pears. A little peppery. Freshly cut wood again. Vanilla scents. It ends very fast. 

Last notes : A great sugariness again. It hides any other scents and aromas. So sad. A little of orange zest marmelade. It”s supposed to be distilled on lies, but the expected roundness is just an old souvenir. The au-revoir is an incomplete freshness on lemon and orange zest. 

It’s disappointing, because beyond the commercial /marketing/softening/altering mutations, this cognac has a real potential. 

My very subjective note : 73+/100

More info on Jules Gautret website (more recent version)

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Jules Gautret VSOP 40% tasting notes 3
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