Landreau VSOP tasting notes

Landreau VSOP 40%

First step of this Special Fins Bois Week: the Landreau VSOP!
Landreau VSOP tasting notes 2


Fins Bois mystery

First cognac of this Special Fins Bois Week. A small producer located in Verdille, unknown age (I heard 35yo but nothing sure), probably a 90/2000’s bottling. Do not hesitate to DM me if you’ve some more info on this one. Here is the Landreau VSOP!

Colour: Dark amber, gold lights. Regular heavy tears.

Nose: Fruity and camphory at first. Very exotic. Banana stew, tinned pineapple. Very heady smells. It doesn’t seem at 40% at all. Plums eau-de-vie. It needs air for sure. Then you get the wood influence. Coconut powder, almond paste, linseed oil. Quite brutal. Sawdust, wormwood. A gentle kick of freshness on Sichuan pepper and fresh licorice. Caramelized notes, especially on toffee and caramelized almonds. A tad of tangerine jam in the background. 

Palate: Very very sweet texture (probably some sugar added). Plums symphony. Plum eau-de-vie again. Caramelized plums. Plums tart. Hints of strawberry jam underlined by great cinnamon aromas. A nice mix of very fresh mint and milk chocolate. Quite an imprecise palate but great mouth length and some pleasant aromas. 

Last Notes: With more air, it goes on nutty and roasted notes. Dusty walnut, roasted hazelnut, chestnut cream. Coffee beans. Very dusty scents. Some blackberries in the background, mainly on dried figs and raisins. Few tinned plums too. On the palate, it’s very sweet. Great notes of tinned plums and pears. It lost all its exoticness but it’s still very round. It ends on plum eau-de-vie and heavy licorice aromas.

Unstable, wild, absurd but entertaining, like a Monty Python sketch. Very imprecise but not unpleasant at all. This Landreau VSOP is less convincing than a VT Lot 89 for sure. 

My very subjective note: 86+/100

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Landreau VSOP tasting notes

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