Lassalle Baque1995 Row Spirits

Lassalle Baque Row Spirits 1995 49,3%

A 28yo Tenareze from Montreal

Chateau Lassalle Baque Row Spirits 1995 49,3%

Beyond the rusticity paradigm 

First one from this young IB on Hors d’Age. Another Tenareze after some convincing examples previously tasted. This 100% Ugni Blanc armagnac is a 1995 Tenareze bottled in 2023 at 49,3%. Let’s go!

Colour: Old gold, green lights. Irregular heavy tears.

Nose: Smooth spiced notes on cinnamon and vanilla at first. Full of candied citruses scents. Delicate nutty notes on fresh almond and walnut milk. A little of dustiness but nothing big compared to some other armagnacs. Fresh and vibrant eau-de-vie with what seems the perfect amont of oakiness. Fresh Sichuan pepper notes in the background.

Palate: Oily with a nice acidulous aftertaste. Yummy toffee notes immediately followed by liquid vanilla aromas. Fresh rancioted notes on licorice stick and candied ginger. Rustic? Not at all! You find a full spoon of dried prunes in the aftertaste. Lingering vanilla shades. Nice mouth length, even if I miss a bit of depth.

Last Notes: You almost find hints of 20-30yo Petite Champagne notes now, a great mix of chalky and acidulous fruity notes. Delicate floral notes on jasmine and potpourri. Strong honeyed tones. Back on the palate, you get generous fruity aromas on tinned plums surrounded by unprecedented medium oakiness.

Very nice Tenareze. I’d give a better note to the nose (89) than the palate (87), but that’s a solid armagnac for sure, especially for those who doubt about the finesse this spirit can provide.

My very subjective note: 88+/100

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Thanks Marc! 

Lassalle Baque1995 Row Spirits
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