Le Tribute Mezcal 45% tasting notes Hors d'Age

Le Tribute Mezcal 45%

New cognalternative Tuesday on Hors d’Age! Here is Le Tribute Mezcal!
Le Tribute Mezcal 45% tasting notes Hors d'Age


Lime & Smoke  

For this new cognalernative, I go back to Mexico. This mezcal is imported by Le Tribute,  a Spanish brand also known for gin, tonic and ginger. It’s a joven made in a wooden still with Cenizo maguey. Here is the Le Tribute Mezcal!

Colour: Transparent, gold lights. Heavy regular tears. 

Nose: Stunning mix of wild herbal scents at first. Coal smoke and cooked meat notes follow this brutal beginning. A tad of stable smells too. Nice freshness in the background, mainly on eucalyptus and Sichuan pepper. Hints of salted meat in a second time (Iberian ham). Great citruses (pink grapefruit, yuzu) notes arise from this vivid nose. 

Palate: Oily texture. Following the nose, it begins on salted aromas. Then it goes on heavy citruses notes. Orange zest, lime juice. A tad of peppery and roasted notes in the aftertaste. 

Last Notes: It is smoother now. Hints of spices, mainly on caraway. Back on the palate, you find some freshness on nice minty notes. It ends on ham aromas, and that’s not an unpleasant final at all. 

A certain lack of precision for this mezcal but it remains an easy one. Probably a nice reference to start with agave things. 

My very subjective note: 80/100

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Le Tribute Mezcal 45% tasting notes Hors d'Age
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