Lheraud Bons Bois 1967 GOTA 46%

Lheraud Bons Bois 1967 GOTA 46%

Back in what used to be the latest cru.

Lheraud Bons Bois 1967 Grape of the Art 46%

Rustic Bons Bois 

Another Lheraud on Hors d’Age, but this time not from the Petite Champagne area. Bons Bois, 56yo, 46%. It seems that the GOTA team unearthed another rarity here. Let’s taste this first cognac of 2024!

Colour: Dark amber, orange lights. Medium irregular tears.

Nose: Melted exotic and spiced notes at first. Wet undergrowth and humid cellar scents too. Surprising rotten tomatoes and Tabasco smells. Rich honeyed tones in the background. Intense oaky notes through the evolution into the glass.

Palate: Oily texture. Yummy caramelized fruity notes on poached pears and flambéed apples. Warm spices aromas in the aftertaste, especially on cumin and ras-el-anouth. Smooth nuttiness on almond paste and walnut cream. Rustic (Plum? Pear?) eau-de-vie shades carried by a  generous mouth length.

Last Notes: A tad spicier and more musky with air. You find hay and sweat notes now. Cheese smells, something like Brie-aux-noix. Still some heavy nutty notes, this time on dry walnuts and walnut oil. Back on the palate, you get something fruitier than previously perceived. Tinned peaches, caramelized plums. Stunning mouth length on tinned vine peaches.

Rustic and delicate at the same time. Rich and generously spiced, this Lheraud is a lovely one in many aspects. However, it’s not my favorite kind of old Bons Bois, and I miss a tad of precision and depth to go above 89. 

My very subjective note: 89/100

More info about this Lheraud Bons Bois 1967 by GOTA 

Lheraud Bons Bois 1967 GOTA 46%
credits: grapeoftheart.com
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