Lous Pibous 1995

Lous Pibous 1995 GOTA 54,7%

The kind of armagnac you want to try.

Lous Pibous 1995 Grape Of The Art 54,7%

Exotic flight over Gascony

This is a limited edition armagnac bottling (352 bottles) from GOTA. 27yo. Bas-Armagnac. 54,7%. Let’s go! 

Colour: Mahogany, orange lights. Heavy irregular tears. 

Nose: Very rum-like beginning. Very dark nose on toasted nose, especially on roasted coffee beans and ristretto scents. Heady perfume with floral shades. Some nice sherry-bomb whisky notes too. Maraschino cherry smells in the background. That sounds really good. 

Palate: Dry and oily at the same time. Very Beenleigh-like and that’s quite disturbing. Or maybe more something like a mix of Beenleigh and Hampden. Full of raisins and plum eau-de-vie. Infinite mouth length. Massive herbal notes on verbena and cooked basil. You still find roasted notes with huge coffee notes, but everything is delivered with finesse. Exquisite! You might think that 54,7% is way too high, but it is very relevant. It ends on tinned plums and old Bordeaux wine tannins. 

Last Notes: It turns more exotic with air. A tad of peppery and resinous scents but the oakiness remains acceptable here. Nice spiciness on bourbon vanilla notes. Heady orange blossom shades. Back on the palate, you find an exotic rancio on roasted pineapple aromas and dark tobacco notes. A tad of freshness on menthol and white pepper. It ends on yeasted notes, especially fresh bread aromas (with a little of bitterness). 

Lovely armagnac bottled by GOTA. Very well-balanced, funky. This Lous Pibous 1995 has a strong oakiness but it is nicely counterbalanced by the perfect freshness/fruitiness duo. Banger.

My very subjective note: 90/100

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Lous Pibous 1995
credits: grapeoftheart.com
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