Malternative Belgium La fleche de feu

Malternative Belgium La Flèche de Feu Jean Fillioux 1992 43%

Second Belgian session on Hors d’Age. Here is the Malternative Belgium La Flèche de Feu!
Malternative Belgium la Fleche de feu Jean Fillioux 1992 cognac tasting notes


Arrows and Flowers

Good Morning Belgium! #2 (Part I)

A young millésimé from la Pouyade Estate. G.C. 29yo. 43% Let’s taste this Malternative Belgium La Flèche de Feu!

Colour: Pale gold, orange lights. Heavy regular tears. 

Nose: Mainly on fresh citruses at first. Very heady smells. A tad of camphory and nutty notes too. Delicate floral notes on jasmine and vanilla stick enhanced by herbal tones on fennel and anise. Musky and wood shades in the background. Hints of tangerine marmalade with more air.

Palate: Sweet/oily texture. Full of citruses and chocolate aromas at first. Nice mouth length on tangerine and cocoa. Very drinkable. Slightly spiced on nutmeg and rose pepper. Great candied lemon aftertaste. Still some herbal notes, mainly eucalyptus and fennel again. 

Last Notes: Very refined nose with more air. Exuberant floral notes on potpourri, violet blossom, and a tad of freshness on menthol too( a very little of typical Mosstowie freshness. Fennel/anise duo has its privileged place in this « young » G.C, which is not unpleasant at all. Distinct chocolate sweets shades, especially on vanilla and caramel. Hints of dusty wood tones in the background. Back on the palate, you find back some chocolate with a certain creaminess in the texture now. Salted butter caramel aromas melted to Christmas spices notes. Tiny fresh licorice shades. Powerful black pepper tones as strong au-revoir. Quite different from the other Fillioux I tasted a few weeks ago. 

Not the most precise G.C but this is the millésimé game, and you get an original balance between delicate floral notes and opulent spiciness. Could easily be my daily dram. 

My very subjective note: 87+/100

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Thanks Pieter for this one

Malternative Belgium la Fleche de feu Jean Fillioux 1992 cognac tasting notes
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