Malternative Belgium Le Voyageur JLP 40,6% tasting notes Hors d'Age 2

Malternative Belgium Le Voyageur 40,6%

Tick-tock. It’s time for another P.C on Hors d’Age! Here is my review for a special one from JLP’s cellars: the Malternative Belgium Le Voyageur
Malternative Belgium Le Voyageur JLP 40,6% tasting notes Hors d'Age


Traveling without moving

Good Morning Belgium! #1(Part I)

The last cognac I tasted from Malternative Belgium was La Corbeille de Fruits, and it’s still one of my favorite P.C. So I’ve got quite high expectations on this Lot 67, another treasure from Pasquet’s cellars. 40,6% may seem a bit low, but some of the most refined P.C I’ve tried were with the same ABV or lower, so why not? Here is the Malternative Belgium Le Voyageur!

Colour: Old gold, amber lights. Medium irregular tears. 

NoseBang! Banana cake at first. Then you get a crystal clear wave of fresh licorice. A tad medical on herbs. Camphor, orange blossom, violet blossom (ample floral notes, very Borderies-like in my humble opinion), potpourri. Quite heady for sure. Black tea. So exotic. You also get various exotic fruits litchi, mango, banana.  Young melon. Massive nose! 

Palate: Very syrupy. Mango juice, marasquin cherry. The impressive comeback of the floridness on rosewater and violet sweets is very convincing. Infinite mouth length. Precious wood and bourbon vanilla in the aftertaste. Nice acidity on tangerine jam. Some spices too, mainly paprika and white pepper. It ends with delicious strawberry tart aromas. 

Last Notes: Some nutty and leathery scents with more air. Cashew nuts, nutmeg powder, fresh leather. Great scents of tobacco. And that’s a perfect link with the palate because you find some strong cigar aromas now. Marasquin cherry again. Verbena infusion. Black tea again. The delicious aftertaste on peach syrup and cinnamon seems never-ending. A nice au-revoir with great freshness on potpourri and licorice stick. 

I miss something that I found in La Corbeille de Fruits. Maybe a little too imprecise on the palate but that’s a very small shortcoming for this delicate fruity and flowery P.C. 

My very subjective note: 89+/100

WhiskyFun review for this Malternative Belgium Le Voyageur

Thanks, Pieter for this one!

Malternative Belgium Le Voyageur JLP 40,6% tasting notes Hors d'Age 2

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