Cognac VS Martell VS tasting notes

Martell VS 40%

Here is the Martell VS!
Cognac VS Martell VS tasting notes


Back to basics (5/5) 

The youngest Martell on the market. Let’s go! 

Colour: Gold with brown light. Medium irregular tears

Nose: Dry chestnut. Overripe apple. A little acidic. Cider apple. Acacia honey. Linseed oil. 

Palate: Watery texture.  Slight notes of apple crumble. A dash of white pepper and…nothing. As short as its age statement.

Last Notes: Cider apple. Caramelized nuts. Cardboard and cellulose. And…nothing. 

My very subjective note: 71/100

With 1,5cl of tonic: Apple cake, vanilla stick. A little of pastry notes. Green lemon zest. A shy nose. Cider apple. Cardboard. A little too acidic. The palate is on the same level. It’s weak. I know, it’s a cognac VS. But comparing to the others, it’s clearly the less interesting.

Martell VS note (very subjective and just for fun) with 1,5cl of tonic (/100): 73/100

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