Mauxion Bons Bois 1973-75-76 49,5%

First Houlette’s gem reviewed on H.A

Mauxion Bons Bois 1973-75-76 49,5%

Dark and Chaotic

First Mauxion on Hors d’Age. This one is a blend of three vintages (1973, 1975, 1976), with a major part of 1973 (56%). This small cuvee (300 liters) has been bottled at 49,5%. Let’s go!

Colour: Mahogany, orange lights. Irregular heavy tears.

Nose: Wild rancio on musky farm notes at first. Very nice oxydated old pineau notes. Full of elegant citruses notes surrounded by a stunning bouquet on lavender and violet blossom. Hints of malted notes in the background, almost peated (?!), a bit like a Ledaig/Port Charlotte farm-ish peat. Strong tanins, but rich melted tanins, a bit like a 30yo left-bank Bordeaux wine. Disconcerting nose to be honest.

Palate: Extra oily texture, full of spiced notes at first. Full spoon of tabasco, immediately followed by cayenne chilly and black pepper. You still get this musky shades, reminding a lot of some old Borderies rancio (like Heritage Rene Riviere for example). Fresh aftertaste on tarragon, ginger and basil. Dark indistinct fruity notes in the background. Goat cheese and mushroomy shades. Unreal palate. Is this cognac?

Last Notes: Full of honeyed tones with air. Still some mind-blowing malted impressions. Is this a sherry Kilkerran? Nice tinned fruits aromas, especially prunes. Nuts eau-de-vie scents. Lingering musky/leathery notes. Back on the palate, you get a dark herbal/tea-ish mix, something like pu-erh and cooked tarragon. Rustic old armagnac aftertaste. A bit like my previous tasting note with Aubineau G.C 57, a dark introspective cognac, and definitely not the easiest to taste. It ends on old Parmeggiano and thyme aromas.

Extreme UFO. Very interesting, complex, full-bodied. Not that unusual when we’re talking about old Bons Bois, but this one owns a very specific DNA. Heavy tanins, but they’re quite melted into this rancio bomb. This cognac can’t be categorized, it’s as simple as that. Less convincing than other very old Bons Bois (Grosperrin B.B 50yo and Grosperrin B.B N°38 for example), but this Mauxion Bons Bois 1973-75-76 is a very unique nectar for sure. 

My very subjective note: 89+/100

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