Michel Forgeron Folle Blanche 2011 47%

Back at Chez Richon for a 2011 Folle Blanche.
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Michel Forgeron Folle Blanche 2011 47%

Pre-phyllo vibes? 

I’ve some really nice memories of Michel Forgeron Hors d’Age. The kind of Grande Champagne that I can just hardly recommend. But what about their young cognacs? They’re well-known for their large range of young Folle Blanche millesimes bottled at 47%. Let’s try their 2011 vintage. 

Colour: Gold, orange lights. Irregular heavy tears.

Nose: Very nice flowery/fruity mix at first. A beautiful bouquet that reminds me of two things. Firstly the floridness of a middle-aged Borderies. And secondly the heady notes of a young Folle Blanche G.C like I’ve tasted before, I’m thinking especially about the Grosperrin 2003. Great nose for sure. Lingering fruitiness on young plums and tinned pears. A tad of cooked notes on caramelized apple.  

Palate: Oily texture. Generous amount of caramelized plum. Nice mouth length. The fruitiness is very elegant here, perfectly balanced by spiced notes on caraway and ginger. A tad briny in the aftertaste, which brings an original and complex side to this round Folle Blanche. It ends with salted butter caramel and candied lemon zest aromas.

Last Notes: You still find some great flowery notes, this time even headier, specifically on lavender and potpourri scents. Round caramelized fruit notes again, particularly some nice plum jam smells. Back on the palate, you find a generous Quincy Jam wave. Stunning fruitiness, I mean it. Slightly honeyed tones. A pleasant spiced aftertaste on cinnamon and apple strudel shades. Disconcerting malted notes in the background.

Really nice Folle Blanche from Forgeron. I was already convinced that you can find stunning G.C cognacs in their youngness, but this one has to be noticed among the best I’ve ever tasted.

My very subjective note: 87+/100

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