Montifaud X.O Silver 40%

Montifaud X.O Silver 40%

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Montifaud X.O Silver 40%

Silver lining, golden lights 

I’ve already tried an older X.O from Vallet family estate, and it was a nice 30yo+ P.C. This Montifaud X.O Silver is a middle-range 20yo+ P.C bottled at 40%. Let’s go!

Colour: Amber, gold lights. Regular medium tears.

Nose: Elegant fruitiness surrounded by chalky notes. Obvious Champagne (G.C or P.C) nose if you ask me. Great candied plum scents. Nice combination of honeyed tones and fresh smells, especially peppermint. Newborn-rancio notes on fresh prunes and caramelized nuts shades. Acidulous peach peach notes in the background.

Palate: Oily texture. Full of richness and fruitiness at first. Cooked plum and tinned peach mix. Well-balanced between a nice fruitiness and a tad of spiced notes, especially on paprika and cumin. Medium mouth length (40%…). It ends on prune eau-de-vie and soy sauce.

Last Notes: Still this cristal clear fruitiness, this time one candied apricots. Shy leathery notes followed by spiced shades on cumin and caraway. Again these distinct acidulous P.C notes. Back on the palate, it’s even more honeyed than previously perceived. Caramelized pear aromas, Tatin tart notes. Delicious. It ends (a bit too shortly) on almond milk and nougat.

This Montifaud X.O Silver is an elegant middle-aged P.C. Perfect balance of fruitiness, spiciness and freshness. I only miss a funkier ABV to reach something above 86. 

My very subjective note: 85+/100

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Montifaud X.O Silver 40%
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