Paul Giraud 1999 Fin du Siècle Velier

Paul Giraud 1999 Fin du Siècle 70th Velier 43,5%

Paul Giraud 1999 “Fin du Siècle”, a Grande Champagne selected by Velier for their 70th anniversary.
Paul Giraud Fin du Siècle Velier tasting notes

Paul Giraud 1999 Fin du Siècle 70th Velier 43,5%

P.G Ft Velier 

Colour : Light gold, orange lights

Nose : Very intense ! Young melons, very young indeed with an high acidity). There is some bitterness, something like cocoa powder. It is exotic, undoubtedly, It goes on pastry notes melted with citrusy hints A yummy cognac for sure. A tad of acidity rises again, almost an olive touch and a very little of fresh lemon juice.

Palate : Damn ! That’s very exotic again! A sweet texture. It’s full of young mangos and bananas. The mouth is rather long. The bitterness perceived before is still here. It is wooded too, but it keeps a great freshness, like the smell of brand new leather. The finish is spicy, bringing us an hint of anise and cardamom. This cognac has a great structure but there is maybe a lack of precision and complexity.

Last Notes : It ends with tinned cherries and young melons (again). There are some floral scents too,  certainly a tad of orange blossom. The very end is a little buttery and minty. 

The empty glass let us a big bag of tinned strawberries.

It’s truly a great cognac,  its youngness isn’t a problem (unlike the François Voyer selected fo the 70th anniversary Velier). However this Paul Giraud 1999 Fin du Siècle has a little lack of structure, that’s why I give it a bit less than the Grosperrin Cépages (87+).

My very subjective note : 87/100

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Paul Giraud 1999 Fin du Siècle 2
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