Cognac Paul Giraud Hors d'Age review

Paul Giraud Vieille Reserve 40%

Today a 25yo G.C from Bouteville. Here is the Paul Giraud Vieille Réserve!
Cognac Paul Giraud Vieille Reserve Hors d'Age review cognac tasting notes


Welcome in Bouteville 

Paul Giraud. A great cognac house very attached to traditions. For example, most of the harvest is still done manually. 40%. G.C. 25yo. Here we go with this Paul Giraud Vieille Réserve! 

Colour: Gold, green lights. Regular medium tears.

Nose: Very waxy and honeyed at first. A tad of floridness too. A nice acidity between olive oil and linseed oil. Quite a round background on pear/apple tart. Brand new wood. Hints of plums liquor. Not the most expressive nose ever but it does the job.

Palate: Sweet texture with a tad of acidity. Elegant fruitiness on pear syrup and young plums. Quince jam. Plums liquor again. Nice adicity in the aftertaste too, something between candied citruses and young peaches. Correct mouth length but we could have expected more. 

Last Notes: Still very honeyed with more air. Full of young plums. Pear syrup again. Orange zest jam. Definitely some marmalade shades in this cognac. Linseed oil for a nice comeback. On the palate, it still has great notes of pear juice and honey wax and a great acidity in the aftertaste. It ends on prunes tart. Yum! 

Not the most precise, not the most elegant, not the most surprising. But very « efficient » for sure. A solid G.C V.R but in the same category, I find this Paul Giraud Vieille Reserve less convincing than a Navarre Cravache d’Or

My very subjective note: 85+/100

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Cognac Paul Giraud Vieille Reserve Hors d'Age review cognac tasting notes

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