Pineau François 1er Rosé jeune tasting notes

Pineau François 1er Rosé Jeune 17%

A 4yo pineau des Charentes ? Is it a joke ? Nope ! Here is the Pineau François 1er Rosé jeune !
Pineau François 1er Rosé jeune tasting notes


The perfect daily dram?

A young pineau (4yo) made of Merlot and Cabernet with no filtration. Well, it’s time to taste this François 1er rosé!

Colour: Dark red, blood orange lights. Very heavy irregular tears.

Nose: Strawberry juice and cherry at first. Quite honeyed. Dry chestnut. Very young melon. Dried prunes. Raisins for sure. For a young pineau, it’s a very convincing nose. Well-balanced between its sugariness and its opulent fruity side. And the palate?

Palate: Juicy texture, a little syrupy. Nutty aromas, especially on almond paste. Then the fruitiness is back, mainly on figs, prunes, and cherry. Silky mouth length. Most of the time the sugariness is too obvious in a red or rosé pineau. This isn’t the case with this Pineau François 1er rosé. The assemblage of Cabernet and Merlot seems to be perfect here. 

Last Notes: More red berries juice scents with little astringent notes. Yes, raspberry/blackberry juice. Still, the nice fruitiness underlined by the rich texture. The nose and the palate are at the same level. Few buttery/nutty smells. It ends on quinces, prunes jam, and a little on dry walnuts.

In my humble opinion, this is the perfect daily dram for every cognac lover. Fruitiness, richness, and a tad of complexity. What more could you ask for? Of course, this Pineau François 1er rosé jeune isn’t as precise and opulent as the Grande Reserve but this one is only 4yo. Highly drinkable for sure.  

My very subjective note: 86/100

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Pineau François 1er Rosé jeune tasting notes 2
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