Prunier Fins Bois Lot 61 53%

And that’s another very old Prunier on Hors d’Age

Prunier Fins Bois Lot 61 The Purist 53%

Venerable Fins Bois

I still have in mind that I’ve got to review a legendary (at least in my mind) Fins Bois N°61 from Grosperrin that I tasted a few years ago. That said, let’s talk about this Prunier. Selected by The Purist (Wine4You), it’s a 59yo Fins Bois bottled at cask strength. And I do not doubt you can have fun with this kind of age statement, even with this cru

Colour: Mahogany, orange lights. Irregular medium tears.

Nose: Heavy leathery notes at first. Quite dark with massive licorice sweet scents. Melted earthy and resinous shades, with a tad of briny scents, reminding me a bit of some young Hampden. Obvious oakiness – I would not say it’s well-balanced – but it remains readable. Orange-zest chocolate notes in the background.

Palate: Oily texture with a dry aftertaste. Wow. Opulent rancio on noble wood and liquid cigar aromas, nicely counter-balanced by a tad of freshness, something like seaweeds and salicornia (as an echo to the previous briny shades). Nice cocoa powder aftertaste, exhausted by lingering black tea notes. Dark profile, straight from the Eye of Sauron.

Last Notes: Full of oxidative notes now. Very old Port scents, reminding me a lot of a 50yo Taylor’s I tried a week ago. Nutty scents, extreme rancio on walnut cream. Still a reminiscence of tea-ish shades. Back on the palate, you find hints of acidulous notes on maraschino, then it’s another wave of heavy cigar aromas. It ends on black-olive tapenade.

Unbalanced but pleasant structure: massive oaky rancio with a subtle freshness as a relevant counterpoint. I have to admit I kinda like this one.

My very subjective note: 89/100

Whiskyfun review about this Prunier Fins Bois Lot 61

Thanks Luke and Roberto!

Prunier Fins Bois Lot 61
credits: Roberto Bessa Snø on FB
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