Prunier Petite Champagne 1974 58%

Prunier Petite Champagne 1974 58%

Back in the ’70s for another P.C.

Prunier Petite Champagne 1974 for The Whisky Mercenary 58%

Black Tie P.C 

The last Prunier reviewed here was a really nice one. This cognac has been bottled for The Whisky Mercenary’s 10th anniversary. Picked up in Prunier’s cellars, it’s a 47yo Petite Champagne at 58%. Let’s go!

Colour: Dark amber, old gold lights. Irregular medium tears.

Nose: Aristocratic entrance with noble cigar box notes and progressive fresh citrus scents, reminding me of some famous fragrances like Hermes perfumes (no commercial content involved here). Lingering hesperidian notes on tangerine juice and caramelized orange zest. Leathery shades melted with massive heady citruses notes. Hints of acidulous strawberry juice tones in the background. Not the easiest but what an opulent nose!

Palate: Super-oily texture with immediate acidulous fruity aromas. Extreme juiciness on fresh blackberry and overripe strawberry. Bang! Intense licorice aromas in the aftertaste. Stunning freshness then, something on fresh tarragon and parsley. Light white port shades. Lovely rancio on herbal and musky notes. Leather shades strike back. Perfect extra-acidulous PC style. It ends on dry violet blossom and old Medoc wine notes.

Last Notes: Even more focused on leather scents, this time with a tad of mushroomy shades too. Lingering dusty and musky tones. Acacia honey shades in the background. Back on the palate, you still get stunning acidulous aromas on various red berries juice. A tad more herbal shades than previously perceived. It ends on liquid leather and dark fruity tones.

Heavy old P.C profile with the perfect amount of acidulous notes. It could have been a little more precise to go higher. But I really like this kind of elegant rancio

My very subjective note: 90+/100

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Thanks Luke and Roberto!

Prunier Petite Champagne 1974 58%
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