Ragnaud Sabourin 1990 grande champagne tasting notes

Ragnaud Sabourin 1990 41%

Another millesime on Hors d’Age. Here is the Ragnaud Sabourin 1990!
Ragnaud Sabourin 1990 grande champagne tasting notes

Ragnaud Sabourin 1990 41%

Peacuful scents from Ambleville 

Ambleville, heart of Grande Champagne cru. This cognac is a “young” millesime bottled at 41% in August 2021. 

Colour: Pale gold orange lights. Medium regular tears.

Nose: Fruits and creamy notes at first, something a bit like peach yogurt. Very flowery too on orange blossom and jasmine. Orchard peel. A tad on spices but reasonable wood influence in this « young » G.C. Definitely on the orchard, with few rustic notes like cider apple.

Mouth: Sweet texture with a bitter and dry aftertaste. Poached pears, calvados-y notes, confirming first impressions. Raisins and dried plums in the mouth length. Spicy aromas on cloves and black pepper. Not the most pleasant palate ever but I kinda like this rusticity. It ends on almond paste and young apricots.

Last Notes: A bit more on wood scents now. Pine sap, dry oak smells. It lost a little of its fruity side, even if you still get tinned peaches and tangerine. Hints of verbena infusion in the background. Dusty aftertaste and a full spoon of raisins as a probably-too-simple-au-revoir.

This Ragnaud Sabourin 1990 is a very singular Grande Champagne. Rustic, in-between 2 septs of its aging. Vivid flavors of youngness and hints of noble rancio given by its 32yo.

My very subjective note: 85+/100

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