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Raymond Ragnaud X.O 40%

Another classic from G.C area that has to be tasted.

Raymond Ragnaud X.O 40%

Standard G.C?  

First Raymond Ragnaud on Hors d’Age. I’ve tried some Ragnaud before, but only Ragnaud Sabourin. Let’s begin with their X.O, which is supposed to be a 15-25yo blend.

Colour: Light amber, gold lights. Regular medium tears. 

Nose: Various spices and candied citruses notes at first. Ample spiciness on nutmeg powder and black pepper. Nice sugary notes on caramelized orange. Interesting but not the most talkative nose ever. Lingering oaky scents in the background, with a tad of undergrowth smells. Light cigar tobacco shades too. 

Palate: Oily/syrupy texture. Melted toasted and fruity notes. Tinned plum aromas surrounded by roasted wood notes. Average mouth length. Pleasant aftertaste on tinned plums and apricots. I miss something else here, especially a bit of complexity. 

Last Notes: With more air, you get even more toasted tree scents and cigar smells. Great freshness on pear eau-de-vie. Still oaky with linseed oil and sawdust notes. Back on the palate, you find a light fruitiness immediately followed by dark aromas of roasted wood and licorice sticks. The oakiness has the main role in this Raymond Ragnaud X.O, and it is hard to go beyond this austere forest.

This Raymond Ragnaud X.O shows some great expressions of a middle-aged G.C with a deep fruitiness and a nice spiciness, but it is way too oaky in my humble opinion.

My very subjective note: 84/100

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Raymond Ragnaud X.O
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