Rounagle 1986 GOTA 51,3%

Rounagle 1986 GOTA 51,3%

A rare Pokemon has spawned.

Rounagle 1986 Grape Of The Art 51,3%

Wild Tenareze 

Another old Tenareze from an IB. This armagnac selected by GOTA is 36yo and 100% Ugni Blanc. Let’s go!

Colour: Dark amber, orange lights. Irregular heavy tears.

Nose: Full of bitter chocolate and resinous shades at first. Dark tea-ish scents. Massive earthy notes mixed with old wormwood, reminding me a lot of an old Martinique rum (something like a 20yo Depaz, because you also get this specific zesty note in the background). Full of balsamic smells too. It needs to breathe a bit but what a nose part! Heady citruses and leathery notes in the background.

Palate: Extra-oily texture. Delicious chocolate notes melted to gingerbread aromas. Full of earthy notes again. Heavy wood influence, but nicely counterbalanced by a great amount of tropical fruit notes. A tad of musk farm notes. Wild armagnac here. Balsamic rancio on old port wine oxidative tones with an ample verjus aftertaste. I’m not a huge fan of massive oak influence in cognac/armagnac, but I can make an exception here.

Last Notes: Walnut cream and roasted nuts scents. Various warm spiced notes. Back on the palate, you get a nice raisins aromas. A bunch of tropical fruits again, this time on rotten banana and papaya. It ends on roasted thyme and cooked prune notes.

Catcha! Wild Rounagle in my pocket. Another great armagnac in my Pokedex. Not the kind of profile I’m usually chasing but I’ve to admit I really like this one.

My very subjective note: 88+/100

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Rounagle 1986 GOTA 51,3%
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