Seailles 2004 GOTA 53,9%

Another Tenareze on Hors d’Age.
Domaine Seailles armagnac

Seailles 2004 Grape Of The Art 53,9%

Hints of Tenareze? 

This is not the first Seailles on Hors d’Age. I’ve tried a nice 1988, and then a stunning 2000 gem also from GOTA. I’ve been to Seailles in August 2021, and I’ve to admit that I love this kind of Tenareze. Let’s see if 18yo armagnac follow this pleasant DNA.

Colour: Dark amber, gold lights. Heavy regular tears. 

Nose: Precious wood and salted butter caramel scents at first. Very heady (maybe a tad too much) on orange zest notes. Strong spiced notes on black pepper and nutmeg powder. A lingering oakiness wraps a major part of this nose. Let’s reach the palate to know more about this Tenareze. 

Palate: Ample oily texture. Heavy bitter notes of dark chocolate surrounded by balsamic shades. Linseed oil and strong black pepper notes. Dry aftertaste on cocoa powder. A little of herbal notes on cooked bay leaves but it is quickly hidden by burnt wood notes. 

Last Notes: A tad of cinnamon and vanilla sugar scents with air. Still a huge wave of heavy citruses notes. Back on the palate, you find discrete undergrowth shades. Again, a lot of burnt wood notes. It ends on bitter chocolate and pinesap. 

This kind of armagnac is way too oaky for me. I particularly like Tenareze, especially Seailles style, but this one doesn’t suit my taste if I’m being honest.

My very subjective note: 83+/100

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