Tiffon Grande Champagne

Tiffon Grande Champagne 40%

Tiffon : the noble Grande Champagne
Tiffon Grande Champagne Hors d'Age 42% Tasting Notes



A very subtle assemblage of cognacs from 70 to 80 yo. Quite an old Grande Champagne here. Let’s see how does it taste !

Color : Burnt caramel, orange lights 

Nose : Poured 15 minutes ago, the flavors are getting stronger very slowly. This cognac needs time ! After 25 minutes, a yummy rancio arrives with a nice touch of mango (a bit overripe). Some cherries take place with pastry notes (butter) and a surprising smell here : sweat. This Tiffon is savage ! The nose evolves minute per minute and brings us the ample notes of a sherry cask whisky : almonds, walnuts, dry grapes. There is also an hint of pistachio. Well, let’s find if the palate is as rich as the nose. 

Palate : At first there is the impression of a prunes cake but it is immediately replaced by a great freshness with menthol and licorice. That’s another surprise. The freshness says hello again with some herbal aromas : lemon tree wood, pine tree, thuya, maybe some industrial ones like rubber and burnt plastic. In some way, It remembers me the typical wilderness of Jamaican rums. 

Last Notes : A sweet marmalade of overripe fruits with melon and apricots. A slight aftertaste of bitter chocolate and orange zest. The ABV could have been a bit weak (40%), but it isn’t and the mouth is very long and opulent. 

I can’t my regret my purchase here. It reminds me a lot the opulence of the Vallein Tercinier Hors d’Age, especially by its freshness despite of its age. A true killer. 

My very subjective note : 89+/100

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