Tiffon Tres Vieux Superieur 40%

Another old assemblage from Jarnac: here is the Tiffon Tres Vieux Superieur!
Tiffon Très Vieux Supérieur


In Honor of Sverre (part III) 

A venerable assemblage of 70yo eaux-de-vie made by Richard Braastad, Tiffon’s cellars master. Could it reach the full G.C version level? Let’s try this Tiffon Tres Vieux Superieur!

Colour: Gold, orange lights. Regular medium tears.

Nose: Heady and camphory overture. Strange banana stew and black olive tapenade mix. Obvious noble wood scents. Hints of tinned plums in the background. Rustic tones of farm cider and poire tapée. A tad less precise and less rancioted than the Tiffon Grande Champagne.

Palate: Oily texture. Sweet aromas of bourbon vanilla and banana juice at first. Spicy shades, mainly on nutmeg powder. A little lack of mouth length to be honest. However, you find a nice aftertaste on red berries, especially on raspberry jelly. A tad of licorice sweet at the top of the palate too.

Last Notes: More rancioted now. Wet undergrowth scents melted to woodworm smells. Ample cigar notes too. Wet grass scents keep you in the heart of a forest. Back on the palate, great of comeback of licorice aromas. Correct mouth length but you can expect more from this nose. it ends on spicy notes and woody tones.

Great blend. Perfect shape of a 70yo cognac but there is an obvious lack of mouth length to reach a higher level.

My very subjective note: 87+/100

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Tiffon Très Vieux Supérieur

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