Vallein Tercinier Rue 75 Fins Bois Brut de Fût Bis

Vallein Tercinier Rue 75 Fins Bois 47%

Another cask strength Fins Bois from V.T : here is the Rue 75 brut de fût !
Vallein Tercinier Rue 75 Fins Bois Brut de Fût 2

Vallein Tercinier Rue 75 Fins Bois 47%

Chermignac Signature (bis) 


Colour :  Old gold, brown lights. Heavy irregular tears

Nose : Bang ! Rancio you said ? Heady scents at first with orange perfume, violet essence, lavender oil. A sudden burnt wood note. Then this is the fruity part. Overripe melon. Watermelon sweets. It’s opulent and wild ! It goes very licoricy, then a great wave of herbal notes surround the roundness previously perceived. Pinesap, eucalyptus, freshly cut basil. Linseed oil. Freshly cut wood. It evolves a lot, even after 30 minutes in the glass. 

Palate : The texture is sweet and very oily. Another spicy one. It begins on gingerbread.  This cognac is wet, syrupy and bitter. Currant juice. Violet syrup. Overripe apricots. Mint, lemon tree peel. Wow ! Then the roundness of a sherry cask arises : cashew nuts, buttery notes, banana cake, prunes jam. It ends on orange liquor and Fresh Kiwi Juice. Exquisite ! 

Last Notes : The air brings a camphory touch. It gets a sweet bitterness. Grapefruit juice. It has also hints of sapidity.  Olive/walnut oil, avocado, salt crystals and little avocado touch (?) Is there some guacamole here ? The mouth is rather long, on fruits at first. Orange juice, tinned pear. A bit of violet syrup again. Then the strong rancio is coming back. Wet undergrowth. Humidor scents.  It reminds me a bit the smell of the Davidoff Signature 2000, with its typical toasted/creamy notes. It’s still salted on black olives notes. Prunes jam.  

Then, it’s back on spicy touch with anise, maybe a dash of harissa too. It ends on grenadine, licorice syrup and a little of lemon zest jam. The sensation that the mouth of this Rue 75 will end tomorrow. So different from the Lot 89

A very wild one. An authentic Fins Bois. Another reason to celebrate this cru.  

My very subjective note : 91/100 

More info for this Rue 75 on Vallein Tercinier website

Vallein Tercinier Rue 75 Fins Bois Brut de Fût 2
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