Vallein Tercinier VS

Vallein Tercinier VS 40%

The first product in the VT cognac range : the Vallein Tercinier VS.
Vallein Tercinier VS

Vallein Tercinier VS

VT versus VS 

A 7 year old assemblage of Bons Bois and Fins Bois

Colour : Light gold

Nose : The very beginning focuses on citrus, especially lemon zest. It is slightly honeyed but this nose isn’t very complexe. A fresh cognac here.

Palate : The palate of this Vallein Tercinier VS is far more expressive. It is full of quinces and prunes. There are some pastry notes too. It’s quite impressive for a 7 year old cognac (which is a good number for a V.S). Still hints of citrus with orange zest. It’s way more pleasant than many other V.S !

Last Notes : The nose is still very fresh with menthol scents. It’s a bit more yummy than the first smell with some pears touch and vanilla milk. The palate let us almond pears and a cashew nuts. Even if the texture is dry and it is a little to acidic, it’s stil a good one to taste. But its best way to reveal all its aromas is maybe in a cocktail…

My very subjective note : 82+/100

More info on Vallein Tercinier website

Cocktail Time !

Let's find the best recipe for this VT V.S

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