Vallein Tercinier WDC 1967

Vallein Tercinier WDC G.C 1967 47%​

G.C. 53yo. VT.
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Tropical G.C 

This cognac is a 53yo G.C bottled for the famous German IB. A rare gem, with only 156 bottles available when it has been released. Let’s go!

ColourAmber, gold lights. Irregular heavy tears

Nose: Full of tropical fruits at first. Banana yogurt, mango juice. Peach liqueur, pineapple juice. Bang, what an entrance! Heady flowery notes on lemon flower scents. A tad of nutty shades on hazelnut cream and fresh walnut. Generous fruitiness with a great evolution into the glass. 

Palate: Sweet texture. Still a great dash of tropical fruit, mainly passion fruit and mango juice. Delicious latte macchiato shades combined with hazelnut cream (again). A nice amount of various spices (cardamom, carraway, ras el-anout). Wild rancio on cheesy notes, mainly well-done brie. Lingering roasted/ smoked notes on astray notes.

Last Notes: More floral and fresh notes now. A great mix of menthol and jasmine. Still rich exotic scents, more on banana stew now. A wave of tobacco notes surrounded by an opulent fruitiness. Aside from some new tea-ish shades, back on the palate, you still get yummy fruity notes on passion fruit and banana yogurt. Kinda herbal in the background, mainly on tarragon and bay leaf. It ends on great umami notes, especially salted soy sauce.  

Exceptional quality here. A funky G.C with a generous rancio. May I ask for another glass please?

My very subjective note: 91+/100

Insterstellar Session #2

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