Veuve Goudoulin 1959

Veuve Goudoulin 1959 40%

1959. Armagnac. 40%.


Venerable armagnac 

And we move on with an armagnac. And not the everyday one. I’ve been to Courrensan this summer, and my visit to Goudoulin was quite fabulous, so I’ll publish soon a vertical of various armagnacs that I particularly love from them. And today, let’s begin with this 1959!

Colour: Amber, gold lights. Regular medium tears.

NoseSweet honeyed notes followed by nutty notes on hazelnut cream. Here is another heavily rancioted spirit. Huge exotic notes on dried bananas are melted to subtle spiced notes, mainly on cinnamon. Hints of violet sweets combined with smooth oaky and toasted shades remind me a lot of Bourbon scents.

PalateOily texture. Still heavily rancioted, full of licorice aromas. Great dried exotic fruit notes in the background. Pineapple juice. Extreme elegance here. Nice balance between fruitiness and spiciness. Reasonable oakiness on pinesap and linseed oil.

Last Notes: It gets a sweet finesse with air. Jasmine, tinned peaches. What a heady perfume for something reduced at 40%. A tad briny on salted butter scents. Lingering heady notes, progressively on fruit eau-de-vie, something between fine de champagne and plum eau-de-vie, and maybe a little calvados-y to some extent. Back on the palate, you find a tannic structure on nutshell and precious wood. I miss a bit of the fruitiness previously perceived. It ends with nice spiced notes, mainly gingerbeer and black pepper notes. 

Not the easiest score to give. If we speak only about the nose, I’ll tell you something like 90/90+ (very elegant, multiple shades). But the palate could be richer, and it could only get something around 88.

My very subjective note: 89/100

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Veuve goudoulin
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