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What about Hors d’Age ?

A little introduction to Hors d’Age
Grosperrin Borderies N°28 tasting notes

A little introduction to Hors d’Age

Cognac has always been a matter of patience. But as far as I’m concerned, when I discovered a year ago how delicious this brandy could be, I came up with an incredible eager to know everything about it.

And since a sunny day of August 2019, I dedicated a part of my life to catch up on cognac things.

So here is Hors d’Age, a place to share my passion with you, a place where I’ll post some tasting notes, some cognac stories, some food quirks and other original contents. I sincerely hope you’ll enjoy this as much as I’m pleased to run this website. 

Cheers !

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Cognac Hors d'Age

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