Armagnac session

Armagnac Session #1

Back in the armagnac area for three GOTAs in a row.


armagnacs selected by Grape of The Art


Grape of the ART Cutxan 2006 50,5%

Grape of the Art Cutxan 2006

This 15yo armagnac has been selected by L’Encantada in the small bas-armagnac estate of Cutxan and bottled at 50,5% for the German IB Grape of the Art. 

Colour: Dark orange, gold lights. Irregular heavy tears.

Nose: Full of toffee and cocoa powder notes at first, but this powerful Cutxan (50,5%) needs to breathe a bit right now. Lingering oaky notes on roasted walnut and coconut powder. A tad of floral scents on lemon tree flower and rosewater with 10 more minutes in the glass.

Mouth: A very oily texture and a fruity welcome on tangerine marmalade and bitter chocolate. A yummy palate that evolves on dried banana and cocoa aromas. Just a little astringence on tannins in the aftertaste that is hiding a bit of the whole richness and fat, but it remains well-balanced.

Last Notes: Full of coconut powder and varnish wood scents with more air. Still some fruity shades on orange peel marmalade and poached pear. Great nougat sweets notes underlined by a sweet caramel touch. Back on the palate, you find this caramel touch again, immediately followed by dark chocolate aromas. It ends with a great mouth length on bourbon vanilla and coffee beans notes.

An easy and powerful armagnac. A little lack of elegance and a tad too oaky, but this Cutxan 2006 remains a very yummy one. 



Grape of The Art De Belair 1993 52,2%

Grape of the Art De Belair 1993 armagnac

Never disappointed with 1993 brandies, let’s see if this one from L’Encantada cellars follows this curious trend.

Colour: Amber, orange lights. Very heavy irregular tears.

Nose: Heady and fruity notes at first. Great plum eau-de-vie scents. Buttery and nice nutty notes on walnut cake and almond. A teaspoon of citruses, mainly pink grapefruit. Rich hazelnut cream and bourbon vanilla note too.

Mouth: Dry texture, and a little oily in the beginning. Full of raisins. Great nutty shades on dry almond and chestnut. A tad of chocolate and toffee aromas too. Still some reminiscence of plum eau-de-vie in the background.

Last Notes: Few fruity and spicy scents now. Tinned peach melted to cinnamon and nutmeg notes. Oaky shades on pinesap and various resinous notes. Back on the palate, you still get some almond and buttery aromas, surrounded by linseed oil and light licorice notes.

Honestly, this is not my favorite style of armagnac. It is a very relevant one, but a tad too oaky for my tastebuds. In fact, I think I preferred the young and funky Cutxan to this De Belair. But again, just my point of view.



Grape of The Art SEAILLES 1988 50%

Grape of the Art Seailles 1988

Back at Seailles, this time for an older armagnac (32yo). Hope to taste another great Tenareze with this one bottled at 50%. 

Colour: Dark amber, copper lights. Irregular heavy

Nose: Very inviting nose on raisins and almond paste. A tad buttery on pastry notes, especially on pasteis de nata. Hints of vanilla too. Great bourbon shades on violet syrup and muesli cereal scents. Measured oaky tones.

Mouth: Oily texture, dry aftertaste. Nice balance between fruitiness and oakiness at first. Caramelized plum and apple aromas followed by precious wood notes. A tad of balsamic shades too. Dry but generous mouth length on cider apple notes.

Last Notes: Ample coconut powder scents with air. A little flowery on jasmine now. It reminds me a lot of some sherry bomb whiskies, with nice rancioted notes on walnut vinegar and raisins. A tad of exotic fruits, mainly on young banana and tinned peach. Back on the palate, you find heavy roasted notes on coffee beans and roasted hazelnuts. A wee freshness on cardamom and still some balsamic tones in the aftertaste.

An elegant armagnac with original shades, but I miss a bit of funkiness to reach something higher than 88. Curiously, I preferred the “young” Seailles 2000 to this 1988. 


Séailles armagnac Cellars

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