Grosperrin Fins Bois 20 ans 49,7

Grosperrin Fins Bois 20yo 49,7%

Fresh Fins Bois straight from Courbiac Street
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Grosperrin Fins Bois 20yo 49,7%

Fresh Fins Bois 

I’ve got nice memories of a 20-ish yo Fins Bois from Grosperrin in mind, something bottled for L’Essentiel range by Cognac-Expert. Today, it’s a younger one, a newborn released during Whisky Live Paris 2023. Fins Bois, 20yo, 49,7%. Let’s go!

Colour: Gold, green lights. Heavy regular tears.

Nose: Nice fruitiness on fresh apricots and quinces. Sunny fruity sides and resinous shades that are screaming Bois (Fins/Bons or B.O). Light fresh honeyed tones. Lingering resinous notes on chestnut plank scents. Candied citruses notes and breakfast tea smells in the background.

Palate: Stunning fruitiness, even more intense than previously perceived. Full of fresh peach juice. You already get hints of rancioted notes. 20yo? I mean…You also find a fresh and spiced mix of nutmeg and cooked bay leaves with a dry aftertaste.

Last Notes: Lingering resinous pinesap notes. Heavy mentholated rancio, not something you’re expecting to find in a « young » 20yo cognac. That was also my first impression when I tasted it at Whisky Live Paris 2023. It was a blind tasting and I’ve quickly guessed a Fins Bois/Bons Bois. But I was also convinced to taste something like a 35/40yo cognac…Bitter chocolate scents and cardamom notes are now emerging from the glass. Back on the palate, you find a delightful ample fruitiness on candied tangerine and cherry liquor. Perfect oily texture to carry these aromas.

Wide resinous spectrum without any excess of wood influence. Nice Fins Bois, very surprising (and convincing) regarding its age. However, I find a little discrepancy between the nose and the palate. It would be something like 87+ for the nose and 89 for the palate.

My very subjective note: 88+/100

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Grosperrin Fins Bois 20 ans 49,7
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