Vallein Tercinier Hors d'Age

Vallein Tercinier Hors d’Age 42%

Vallein Tercinier Hors d’Age : Assemblage at its best
Vallein Tercinier Hors d'Age tasting notes



This Hors d’Age is made with 40yo cognacs minimum, few drops of a venerable 1922.

Colour : Dark amber

Nose : A strong rancio enhanced by some sweet violet and lavender notes. With some air, stunning scents of cherry and mango. We could have expected a cognac softened by its age, but it isn’t at all ! It is savage and exotic. A full spoon of acacia honey. This « Hors-d’Age » is a killer.

Palate : Texture is a bit oily. Sweet flavors are exploding : tinned peach (almost syrup) and cherry again. The mouth is persistent even if the ABV could have been a bit short (42%). A great freshness with mint syrup, a yummy spiciness with cinnamon. In the background, some brown sugar and roundness that could remind us the sweetness of an old Layon wine (similar to a Sauternes but located in the Loire Valley), with a little mineral touch too. Walnut kernels, melon and prunes cake. This Hors d’Age is magnificent.

Last notes : Nose at first. The honey is back again. Almond pear too. On the palate now. Roasted mango and a bit of licorice. This cognac is elegant, precise and well-balanced. Is there something else to ask for ?

The empty glass let us some caramel and hints of violet.

Thanks to Vallein Tercinier for this Hors d’Age, it is truly a killer and another proof that they are masters in the art of assemblage (as for the VT46).

My very subjective note : 90+/100

More info on Vallein Tercinier’s website

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