Vallein Tercinier Grand Rue 34 hors d'age tasting notes

Vallein Tercinier Grand Rue 34 42%

Stellar quality cognac from Chermignac. Here is the Vallein Tercinier Grand Rue 34
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Interstellar G.C 

So here is the famous Grand Rue 34. One of the true gems from V.T’s cellars. This Grande Champagne distilled in 1934 has been aged for 80 yo and bottled in 2014 at 42%. I tasted it 2 times: a first time alone (after 1cl of Grosperrin Cepages in order to calibrate my palate), a second time in comparison with the G.C 35/41 (80 yo GC,) and Le Cognac de Regis (62 yo G.C, 40,5%). 

Colour: Dark amber, gold lights. Irregular heavy tears.

Nose: Wow! Very rum-like beginning. Full of exotic fruits (banana, passion fruits). Ample recited notes on speculoos and caramelized chestnut. Great wave of freshness on mint liquor. Magnificent cigar box scents. Seems that it can’t stop changing. Still very fruity on banana and rhubarb stew. Full of pastry notes, especially on nougat and marzipan. Darker than le Cognac de Regis (I heard this Grand Rue 34 comes from Criteuil too, but it’s only a supposition), less tinned fruits and more leather/cigar tones. Nice flowery shades on orange blossom and jasmine.

Mouth: Stunning acidulous texture. Heavy fruity notes on watermelon and overripe strawberries. Delicious fresh ground coffee and liquid cigar aromas. Great rancioted notes on goat milk and herbs (rosemary and parsley) followed by strong nutty notes of dry walnuts and roasted hazelnuts. Still, some exotic fruits shades, mainly on papaya and mango.

Last Notes: Nice blackcurrant and date scents now. Even more fruitier on tinned plums and kirsch cherry. Dry tobacco notes surrounded by fresh licorice smells. Still very rancioted on overripe melon and wet cellars scents. Stunning come back on the palate. Very acidulous texture again. Great banana stew and watermelon aromas surrounded by the bitterness of ristretto notes. Appearance of subtle spicy notes on Sichuan pepper and cardamom. You also get umami shades on truffle oil and sugary soy sauce (even if serious people prefer salted soy sauce, just saying). Magnificent au-revoir on fig marmalade and candied cedar.

Utterly delicious. Yes, it’s already another 93 in 2022… Everything is here. Extreme fruitiness, elegant floral and tea-ish shades, infinite type of spice notes through the tasting. This Vallein Tercinier Grand Rue 34 is constantly evolving when poured into your glass. Interstellar quality for sure.

My very subjective note: 93/100

Vallein Tercinier’s website

Thank you Luke for this mind-blowing gem

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