Malternative Belgium Vaudon Lot 77

Malternative Belgium Vaudon Lot 77 54,9%

Fins Bois scents with a Belgian I.B

Malternative Belgium Vaudon Lot 77 Fins Bois “Le soleil du printemps” 54,9%

Sunny Fins Bois 

Another Malternative Belgium after a while. This N°21 in Pieter’s collection is an old Fins Bois picked up from Vaudon’s cellars. 46yo. 54,9%. Let’s go!

Colour: Dark amber, golden lights. Irregular heavy tears.

Nose: Nice citrus scents on dried blood-orange and lemon zest. Sunny shades on overripe melon and pinesap resinous notes. Full of herbal smells, mainly on chopped basil and fresh thyme. Dried floridness on potpourri and rosewater. Subtle nose with a tad of typical Fins Bois rusticity. 

Palate: Oily texture with a nice acidulous aftertaste. Funky vine peach aromas melted to refined Earl Grey shades. What a vivid palate! Distinct rancio on plum eau-de-vie and light tobacco notes. Stunning mouth length and perfect ABV here. It ends with peppermint and fresh leave notes.

Last Notes: Intense resinous shades with a bit of air. Black pepper shades and light linseed oil smells. Still this nice plum eau-de-vie note in the background. Back on the palate, you get get an immediate comeback of vine peaches aromas, followed by unprecedented exotic notes on litchi and young banana. Disturbing cognac, as the nose doesn’t show the extreme profile of the palate. It ends with fresh spiced notes of white pepper and cardamom.

Intriguing F.B cognac. Nice nose, even if the evolution tends to give a little too many oaky tones. But the palate is here to carry this Vaudon beyond the 88 limit. Great rustic/refined profile.

My very subjective note: 89/100

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Malternative Belgium Vaudon Lot 77
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