Ferme de Taulet 2009 Row Spirits

Ferme de Taulet 2009 Row Spirits 47,85%

Tenareze. 14yo. 47,85%.

Ferme de Taulet 2009 Row Spirits 47,85%

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Another atypical armagnac unearthed by Row Spirits? Well, sure it could be.  Not from the grape part – this Tenareze is 100% Ugni Blanc – but more from the distillation part because it has been made by an itinerant distiller (with which is probably a particular kind of column still).  A few figures: 14yo. 47,85%. 585 bottles. Let’s go! 

Colour:  Amber, green lights. Medium irregular notes.

Nose: Yummy toffee scents at first. Discrete but perceptible rum-like fruity notes. Maybe something like a shy Foursquare? Full of warm spiced notes, mainly on cinnamon and ginger. Hints of fresh citruses notes on orange juice. Reasonable oak structure as far as I can say for the moment.

Palate:  Oily texture with a dry aftertaste. You find back some chocolate notes here. Nice empyreumatic spectrum as you get cocoa powder shades and smoked notes at the same time. Caramel sweets in the aftertaste. Hints of roots and tea-ish notes, a bit like a freshly infused rooibos.

Last Notes: It gives a bit of waxy tones with air. Nice fruitiness again, this time on caramelized apple. More obvious oak structure now. A tad of floral shades on orange blossom. Back on the palate, you get honeyed chocolate aromas and a little of plum eau-de-vie in the background. 

Quite atypical, a tad unbalanced but very interesting in terms of aromas. I’d have preferred this one with less oak influence too. 

My very subjective note: 86/100

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Ferme de Taulet 2009 Row Spirits
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