Special Fins Bois Week Hors d'Age

Special Fins Bois Week #1

First Special Fins Bois Week on Hors d’Age. 3 cognacs, 3 different expressions of this cru.

Special Fins Bois Week #1

beauties from the Fins Bois


Landreau VSOP 40%


Landreau VSOP tasting notes

An unknown VSOP from a small producer. Well, it was quite a good surprise but I was expecting something a bit more convincing to be honest.  

Full review here 


Cognac Sponge Héritage No.68 55,4%


Cognac Sponge Héritage No.68 tasting notes 2

2nd Cognac Sponge on Hors d’Age. The first one was a very nice Petite Champagne. Another funny label (referring to May 1968 riots in France), another great selection in Grosperrin’s cellars.

Full review here 


Cognac Sponge Héritage No.45 50,5%


Cognac Sponge Héritage No.45 Special Fins Bois Week tasting notes 2

2nd Sponge Time and last cognac of this Special Fins Bois Week. 1945? Fins Bois? Yes, it can work!

Full review here 

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Cognac Hors d'Age Top 3 tasting notes

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