Grosperrin Cépages VSOP Grande Champagne Tasting Notes

Grosperrin Cépages 42%

A another cognac experimentation by Guilhem Grosperrin. Tasting notes on the Grosperrin Cépages Grande Champagne VSOP 42%.
Grosperrin Cépages



Grosperrin is a very special house, so they sell very orignal products, especially in the cognac world where it’s not easy to think out o the box. So here is the Grosperrin Cépages. It is a blend of four different years (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014) from a single vineyard, this Grosperrin has been made in the old fashion style. But what does that mean ? 

Nowdays, the cognac is made from a unique type of grape (most of the time – 98% – it is Ugni Blanc). Sometimes we find different types of grapes in a same wine, before distillation. More rarely, grapes are mixed when they already are cognac, and that suppose to vinify, distillate and age separately each type of grape. 

If you mixed it at the state of wine, the Colombard grape will dominate, because of its rusticity and its power, and all the delicateness of the Folle Blanche will be hidden (the Grande Champagne 2003 and the Fins Bois 2006 are great examples of this specific delicateness). 

The Grosperrin Cépages use the old technic from the former distillers of the 19th century. Each type of grape is harvested and vinified separately depending on its own maturity, then each wine is distilled for the first time (to obtain the brouillis = 28-30%) depending on its own fermentation. At this stage, the different brouillis are blended to be distilled a second time (the first time together). 

The percentage of each type of grape is changing every year, following the result of the harvest and the weather conditions. The cognac you get after the second distillation is aged in chais, year after year, and finally there is the assemblage of the different millesimes. 

The tasting part 

Colour : Pale amber, some gold touch 

Nose : Very fresh, then more on pastry and bakery notes. Wax and apple in a very Clynelish style (for those who love whisky too). Dry pears and white pepper, a prunes cake and drops of a fresh honey. 

Palate : A very smooth texture. Here is the Grande Champagne with its particular roundness. The ABV (42%) is high enough to underline all that sweetness. Subtile mint flavors and light wood (lime tree ?) at the very end. This Grosperrin is blown by a great freshness. Some patisserie notes emerge, and combined to the apple it really tastes like a crumble. 

The quality/price ratio is unbeatable here and it’s also a great cognac for cocktails too. Cheers ! 

My very subjective note : 87+/100

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Grosperrin Cépages
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